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Mar & Sil: And it's REALLY THEM this time, I swear!

First, an explanation for the potentially cryptic subject line: these two characters are ones I've been playing with off-and-on since I was a teenager. I've sat down to try and redesign them so many times by now that it kind of makes my brain hurt. They were never even supposed to be real characters. I designed them in the margins of my freshman year philosophy notes, because I was finally coming to realize just how much I loved to draw kissing boys.

(It's possible that doing this when I should've been taking notes on Descartes and Aristotle and John Stuart Mill was not my best idea ever... And it's also possible I traumatized a handful of my classmates over the course of the semester. But I digress.)

The point, I think, is that they became actual characters despite my best intentions. They've clung to my ankles with a stubborn voracity that I can't rationalize, and they've refused to be left behind. They keep trying to convince me that they deserve attention, that I owe it to them to at least get their story straight, and that we could be having so much fun together if I just looked their way more than once a year.

I think I've finally nailed down their designs. For real this time. And if that's not progress, I don't know what is.

Sil is the elf. Mar is the angry one:




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