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It is waaaay past my bedtime right now. But I missed updating last week thanks to technology fail, and I didn't want to fall into a two-week absence.

So here, this is something I actually drew quite a while ago. I keep telling myself I'll find time to really finish it, and it keeps not happening. So here's where she sits for the moment, with flat colors that may someday see more detail. I'm still pretty pleased with it, so I still have hope my attention will circle back around. *wink*

Micron pens and photoshop for this one.

Ikku Work in Progress: Full image behind the cut )
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Is it ridiculously silly? Yes. Is it disproportionate? More than slightly. Am I posting it anyway? You betcha. More Bic pens and silly poses.

UC Art: Ikku Point and Click )
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This is just a face I saw and surreptitiously drew in a bookstore coffee shop one day. I'm sure I was not nearly as subtle as I tried to be. I probably freaked her the hell out. But since something interesting came of it, I figured I'd share it anyway.

Bic ballpoint pens again. Because I will always be a total sucker for them.

Bookstore Coffee Shop Patron: behind the cut for full image )

Art Pile

Mar. 20th, 2010 10:18 pm
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Micron pens and Prismacolor markers. A couple characters from UC, a random elf... sorry for the long delay in posting lately. Hopefully I'll actually have internet again soon. This infrequent mooching game is no fun at all.

Elf!!! )

UC: Cheerleader! )

UC: Naim and a cliff )

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More Bic pens, more mimicking of poses from celebrity publicity shots, more UC characters drawn in class quite a while back... Fun times. *wink*

UC Art: Kelsi Pen-Stuffs )
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This guy's not an actual character, just a pose I felt like playing with. He happened to turn out well enough that I decided to reward him with markers. Good times.

Surly Dude is Surly: behind the cut for full image )

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One thing I'm not particularly good at: coming up with titles. I tend to avoid it when I can. Or default to song lyrics, but so far I think I've avoided that here. (It's only a matter of time. Trust me.)

But! Anyway! This is just Ikk, drawn sometime last summer with the Bic pens that were lying around and close at hand. They do remain one of my most comfortable media. Good times. *wink*

UC Art: Ikku and the Easy Slouch )

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I found some fun little sheets of tag board lying around my old room when I visited my family a couple weeks ago. Strictly speaking, I don't think they're meant for drawing on. I'm pretty sure their purpose in life is supposed to be supporting and protecting comic books for collectors or something. But they picked up marker tones surprisingly well, so I ran with it anyway.

Micron pens for the cross-hatching, warm gray prismacolor markers for Nama herself.

Nama Takatori: space pirate )

Bonus: Tempest )

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I don't draw art of the femslash variety all that often, though it has been known to happen now and then. This is just a line art I drew (with Micron pens), to bribe a friend of mine for doing a very large favor for me once upon a time. She's got a thing for Justice, you see.

(Image is of girl's kissing, as you can see via the thumbnail, but it's pretty much SFW.)

Justice Femslash Line Art: behind the cut for full image )
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This one's even older, but since I have yet to stop being pleased with it, I'm posting it anyway. Maybe I'll try this concept again sometime with words that are a little more relevant. More relevant than random song lyrics spliced together via the powers of chaos, anyway. There's probably something telling about my attention span, there.


This one is just drawn and shaded with whatever trusty Bic pen was closest at hand. It is not of any particular character.

A Portrait in Words - behind the cut for full image )

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More pen, ink and marker. SFW, by the way. (Don't worry, anything that's not safe for work / all audiences, I'll be sure to compulsively label as such).

UC Art: Ikku Profile to Match - behind the cut for full image )

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Pen, ink and warm gray Prismacolor markers.

(It's another one I did all the way back this summer, because now that I'm finally posting, I have a bit of a backlog to sort through.)

UC Art: Kelsi Profile with Necklace - behind the cut for full image )
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Given that I'm adopting it as my default icon, it seemed only logical to post this. It looks exactly like me of course. Photo-realistic in every particular.

Well okay, so I took a couple liberties.

Anyway. I'm going to try to post something new here at least weekly, so. Here you go!

Self-Portrait - behind the cut for full image )



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