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Realistic faces are a pain in the ass. Too bad I actually want to improve at drawing them. *headdesk* So… here. A couple attempts at Benedict Cumberbatch's face. Just pen and ink, nothing fancy.

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I am doing even more mucking about with pens than usual. Trying to do a little more "doing it right" and a little less "faking it all over the damn page." What can I say, ink is very soothing.

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This was made with a ridiculous mishmash of pens and a couple brushes, and I'm not even going to try: except to say that the Pentel brush pen is still the most amazing thing I have EVER purchased and everyone should own one.

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This picture was an unforgivably late birthday present for a friend. It took me longer than usual on account of fighting to keep it a little more realistic, a little less like my usual manga style. Done with Prismacolor markers and Micron pens. Don't even get me started about Dax's spots. There's no way they should've been as difficult as I found them, considering how many times I've drawn them on my own face.

(Also available on deviantart: HERE)

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I was feeling ambitious today and finished the other three characters. These are all done with a Pentel brush pen, Micron pens for the crosshatching, and prismacolor markers.

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Apparently it wasn't so much a question of "Crosshatching OR markers" as "What am I going to put where?" What can I say, I'm a little bit fickle sometimes. Here he is finished, at any rate, after an embarrassing delay. Tadah!

(Pentel brush pen, Micron pens and Prismacolor markers on Bristol board)

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Bic pen. Random index card I found lying around at work. Character design attempt that didn't quite go where I was trying to take it, but I still enjoy her hair. She is not a pirate, but I think she turned out well anyway. ^_^
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This is my lovely roomie's fault. She told me to draw a space pirate captain (or something to that effect), and since I only have one space pirate in my stable of characters, well. There you have it.

I drew this in red pen as a silly, pointless doodle and only after that decided to finish it, so it's probably even more rife with problems and errors and such than usual... but it was fun. I have no regrets. *wink*

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Is it ridiculously silly? Yes. Is it disproportionate? More than slightly. Am I posting it anyway? You betcha. More Bic pens and silly poses.

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More Bic pens, more mimicking of poses from celebrity publicity shots, more UC characters drawn in class quite a while back... Fun times. *wink*

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One thing I'm not particularly good at: coming up with titles. I tend to avoid it when I can. Or default to song lyrics, but so far I think I've avoided that here. (It's only a matter of time. Trust me.)

But! Anyway! This is just Ikk, drawn sometime last summer with the Bic pens that were lying around and close at hand. They do remain one of my most comfortable media. Good times. *wink*

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I found some fun little sheets of tag board lying around my old room when I visited my family a couple weeks ago. Strictly speaking, I don't think they're meant for drawing on. I'm pretty sure their purpose in life is supposed to be supporting and protecting comic books for collectors or something. But they picked up marker tones surprisingly well, so I ran with it anyway.

Micron pens for the cross-hatching, warm gray prismacolor markers for Nama herself.

Nama Takatori: space pirate )

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This one's even older, but since I have yet to stop being pleased with it, I'm posting it anyway. Maybe I'll try this concept again sometime with words that are a little more relevant. More relevant than random song lyrics spliced together via the powers of chaos, anyway. There's probably something telling about my attention span, there.


This one is just drawn and shaded with whatever trusty Bic pen was closest at hand. It is not of any particular character.

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