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This was made with a ridiculous mishmash of pens and a couple brushes, and I'm not even going to try: except to say that the Pentel brush pen is still the most amazing thing I have EVER purchased and everyone should own one.

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This picture was an unforgivably late birthday present for a friend. It took me longer than usual on account of fighting to keep it a little more realistic, a little less like my usual manga style. Done with Prismacolor markers and Micron pens. Don't even get me started about Dax's spots. There's no way they should've been as difficult as I found them, considering how many times I've drawn them on my own face.

(Also available on deviantart: HERE)

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I was feeling ambitious today and finished the other three characters. These are all done with a Pentel brush pen, Micron pens for the crosshatching, and prismacolor markers.

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Apparently it wasn't so much a question of "Crosshatching OR markers" as "What am I going to put where?" What can I say, I'm a little bit fickle sometimes. Here he is finished, at any rate, after an embarrassing delay. Tadah!

(Pentel brush pen, Micron pens and Prismacolor markers on Bristol board)

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Supplies: Pentel brush pen, French Gray Prismacolor markers.
This was just an attack of silliness. One of those moments where I was too fidgety not to be drawing something, but without any particular aim in mind.

No, I don't know why it was on fire either. )
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This is my lovely roomie's fault. She told me to draw a space pirate captain (or something to that effect), and since I only have one space pirate in my stable of characters, well. There you have it.

I drew this in red pen as a silly, pointless doodle and only after that decided to finish it, so it's probably even more rife with problems and errors and such than usual... but it was fun. I have no regrets. *wink*

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So this is very silly, but I regret nothing. And I would totally wear these boots. (Micron pens and prismacolor markers).

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Art Pile

Mar. 20th, 2010 10:18 pm
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Micron pens and Prismacolor markers. A couple characters from UC, a random elf... sorry for the long delay in posting lately. Hopefully I'll actually have internet again soon. This infrequent mooching game is no fun at all.

Elf!!! )

UC: Cheerleader! )

UC: Naim and a cliff )

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This guy's not an actual character, just a pose I felt like playing with. He happened to turn out well enough that I decided to reward him with markers. Good times.

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I found some fun little sheets of tag board lying around my old room when I visited my family a couple weeks ago. Strictly speaking, I don't think they're meant for drawing on. I'm pretty sure their purpose in life is supposed to be supporting and protecting comic books for collectors or something. But they picked up marker tones surprisingly well, so I ran with it anyway.

Micron pens for the cross-hatching, warm gray prismacolor markers for Nama herself.

Nama Takatori: space pirate )

Bonus: Tempest )

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More pen, ink and marker. SFW, by the way. (Don't worry, anything that's not safe for work / all audiences, I'll be sure to compulsively label as such).

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Pen, ink and warm gray Prismacolor markers.

(It's another one I did all the way back this summer, because now that I'm finally posting, I have a bit of a backlog to sort through.)

UC Art: Kelsi Profile with Necklace - behind the cut for full image )
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Given that I'm adopting it as my default icon, it seemed only logical to post this. It looks exactly like me of course. Photo-realistic in every particular.

Well okay, so I took a couple liberties.

Anyway. I'm going to try to post something new here at least weekly, so. Here you go!

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