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I can't find it in my tags, so I am guessing I never did post the completed picture here. Digital coloring, of course. Finished version of this image. Shamelessly self-indulgent, but then, what do I ever draw that isn't?

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This was made with a ridiculous mishmash of pens and a couple brushes, and I'm not even going to try: except to say that the Pentel brush pen is still the most amazing thing I have EVER purchased and everyone should own one.

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I was feeling ambitious today and finished the other three characters. These are all done with a Pentel brush pen, Micron pens for the crosshatching, and prismacolor markers.

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Just something ridiculously self-indulgent I drew last night. I'll give it a real coloring job soon. Ikku's circuits need to glow blue, after all (or maybe red, red could be fun), else the costume really looks nothing at all like it should. Still, I thought I'd share the in-progress piece, as I'm quite (shamelessly) entertained.

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It is waaaay past my bedtime right now. But I missed updating last week thanks to technology fail, and I didn't want to fall into a two-week absence.

So here, this is something I actually drew quite a while ago. I keep telling myself I'll find time to really finish it, and it keeps not happening. So here's where she sits for the moment, with flat colors that may someday see more detail. I'm still pretty pleased with it, so I still have hope my attention will circle back around. *wink*

Micron pens and photoshop for this one.

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Is it ridiculously silly? Yes. Is it disproportionate? More than slightly. Am I posting it anyway? You betcha. More Bic pens and silly poses.

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One thing I'm not particularly good at: coming up with titles. I tend to avoid it when I can. Or default to song lyrics, but so far I think I've avoided that here. (It's only a matter of time. Trust me.)

But! Anyway! This is just Ikk, drawn sometime last summer with the Bic pens that were lying around and close at hand. They do remain one of my most comfortable media. Good times. *wink*

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More pen, ink and marker. SFW, by the way. (Don't worry, anything that's not safe for work / all audiences, I'll be sure to compulsively label as such).

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