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I can't find it in my tags, so I am guessing I never did post the completed picture here. Digital coloring, of course. Finished version of this image. Shamelessly self-indulgent, but then, what do I ever draw that isn't?

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I am doing even more mucking about with pens than usual. Trying to do a little more "doing it right" and a little less "faking it all over the damn page." What can I say, ink is very soothing.

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I was feeling ambitious today and finished the other three characters. These are all done with a Pentel brush pen, Micron pens for the crosshatching, and prismacolor markers.

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Just something ridiculously self-indulgent I drew last night. I'll give it a real coloring job soon. Ikku's circuits need to glow blue, after all (or maybe red, red could be fun), else the costume really looks nothing at all like it should. Still, I thought I'd share the in-progress piece, as I'm quite (shamelessly) entertained.

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Supplies: Pentel brush pen, French Gray Prismacolor markers.
This was just an attack of silliness. One of those moments where I was too fidgety not to be drawing something, but without any particular aim in mind.

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More Bic pens, more mimicking of poses from celebrity publicity shots, more UC characters drawn in class quite a while back... Fun times. *wink*

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Pen, ink and warm gray Prismacolor markers.

(It's another one I did all the way back this summer, because now that I'm finally posting, I have a bit of a backlog to sort through.)

UC Art: Kelsi Profile with Necklace - behind the cut for full image )


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