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Bic pen. Random index card I found lying around at work. Character design attempt that didn't quite go where I was trying to take it, but I still enjoy her hair. She is not a pirate, but I think she turned out well anyway. ^_^
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So this is very silly, but I regret nothing. And I would totally wear these boots. (Micron pens and prismacolor markers).

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Art Pile

Mar. 20th, 2010 10:18 pm
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Micron pens and Prismacolor markers. A couple characters from UC, a random elf... sorry for the long delay in posting lately. Hopefully I'll actually have internet again soon. This infrequent mooching game is no fun at all.

Elf!!! )

UC: Cheerleader! )

UC: Naim and a cliff )

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This guy's not an actual character, just a pose I felt like playing with. He happened to turn out well enough that I decided to reward him with markers. Good times.

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I don't draw art of the femslash variety all that often, though it has been known to happen now and then. This is just a line art I drew (with Micron pens), to bribe a friend of mine for doing a very large favor for me once upon a time. She's got a thing for Justice, you see.

(Image is of girl's kissing, as you can see via the thumbnail, but it's pretty much SFW.)

Justice Femslash Line Art: behind the cut for full image )
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This one's even older, but since I have yet to stop being pleased with it, I'm posting it anyway. Maybe I'll try this concept again sometime with words that are a little more relevant. More relevant than random song lyrics spliced together via the powers of chaos, anyway. There's probably something telling about my attention span, there.


This one is just drawn and shaded with whatever trusty Bic pen was closest at hand. It is not of any particular character.

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