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Realistic faces are a pain in the ass. Too bad I actually want to improve at drawing them. *headdesk* So… here. A couple attempts at Benedict Cumberbatch's face. Just pen and ink, nothing fancy.

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They're no one in particular. I did stare at reference images while drawing them, but I wasn't really aiming for accurate likenesses. Pen and paper, drawn while watching a staggering amount of Star Trek.

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Just some linearts I haven't finished yet. I... may have already posted the last one? I'm honestly not sure. So hey, HERE WE GO. Again. Just in case.

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I haven't yet decided how I'm going to finish this. It will almost certainly involve crosshatching. It might also involve markers. Please forgive the lack of a cut -- he is so tiny that a thumbnail felt silly.

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Just something ridiculously self-indulgent I drew last night. I'll give it a real coloring job soon. Ikku's circuits need to glow blue, after all (or maybe red, red could be fun), else the costume really looks nothing at all like it should. Still, I thought I'd share the in-progress piece, as I'm quite (shamelessly) entertained.

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More ninja turtles. Because apparently I'm just uncontrollably inclined that direction of late. Pentel brush pen for the linearts, and random colored pencils (I don't even know what brand) for emo!Leo there.

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So I was playing last night. And drew a couple silly, self-indulgent things. (HA, as if I ever draw is anything that isn't self-indulgent, PSYCH.) Anyway, so I was playing. With cheap pens and a new sketchbook and well, this is what came of it.

For the record, Raphael is my favorite. It's totally not that red was the only other color pen I had on hand. (Okay, so it was, but Raph really is my favorite.)

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Wow, that was... a bit of a delay in posting. Apologies, I don't even have the excuse of technical difficulties this time. Just a lot of late nights at work and coming home with zero energy.

By way of apology, I have for you this week a whole pile of chibis. I drew them ages ago and keep swearing to myself that I'm going to color each and every one of them. And I am. No, really. The cast of Star Trek Voyager deserves better than to sit neglected and forlorn on my harddrive for all time.

The EMH has a TINY HEAD. And in case I didn't mention it, these are now pretty much ancient. Also, Neelix doesn't represent because, at the time, I was way too terrified to try and draw him, especially even in chibi format. But anyway, I'm still entertained enough to inflict them on you, so there you go.

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I found some fun little sheets of tag board lying around my old room when I visited my family a couple weeks ago. Strictly speaking, I don't think they're meant for drawing on. I'm pretty sure their purpose in life is supposed to be supporting and protecting comic books for collectors or something. But they picked up marker tones surprisingly well, so I ran with it anyway.

Micron pens for the cross-hatching, warm gray prismacolor markers for Nama herself.

Nama Takatori: space pirate )

Bonus: Tempest )

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I don't draw art of the femslash variety all that often, though it has been known to happen now and then. This is just a line art I drew (with Micron pens), to bribe a friend of mine for doing a very large favor for me once upon a time. She's got a thing for Justice, you see.

(Image is of girl's kissing, as you can see via the thumbnail, but it's pretty much SFW.)

Justice Femslash Line Art: behind the cut for full image )


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