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Bic pen. Random index card I found lying around at work. Character design attempt that didn't quite go where I was trying to take it, but I still enjoy her hair. She is not a pirate, but I think she turned out well anyway. ^_^
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So I was playing last night. And drew a couple silly, self-indulgent things. (HA, as if I ever draw is anything that isn't self-indulgent, PSYCH.) Anyway, so I was playing. With cheap pens and a new sketchbook and well, this is what came of it.

For the record, Raphael is my favorite. It's totally not that red was the only other color pen I had on hand. (Okay, so it was, but Raph really is my favorite.)

Turtles ahoy! )
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Is it ridiculously silly? Yes. Is it disproportionate? More than slightly. Am I posting it anyway? You betcha. More Bic pens and silly poses.

UC Art: Ikku Point and Click )
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This is just a face I saw and surreptitiously drew in a bookstore coffee shop one day. I'm sure I was not nearly as subtle as I tried to be. I probably freaked her the hell out. But since something interesting came of it, I figured I'd share it anyway.

Bic ballpoint pens again. Because I will always be a total sucker for them.

Bookstore Coffee Shop Patron: behind the cut for full image )
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More Bic pens, more mimicking of poses from celebrity publicity shots, more UC characters drawn in class quite a while back... Fun times. *wink*

UC Art: Kelsi Pen-Stuffs )
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One thing I'm not particularly good at: coming up with titles. I tend to avoid it when I can. Or default to song lyrics, but so far I think I've avoided that here. (It's only a matter of time. Trust me.)

But! Anyway! This is just Ikk, drawn sometime last summer with the Bic pens that were lying around and close at hand. They do remain one of my most comfortable media. Good times. *wink*

UC Art: Ikku and the Easy Slouch )

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This one's even older, but since I have yet to stop being pleased with it, I'm posting it anyway. Maybe I'll try this concept again sometime with words that are a little more relevant. More relevant than random song lyrics spliced together via the powers of chaos, anyway. There's probably something telling about my attention span, there.


This one is just drawn and shaded with whatever trusty Bic pen was closest at hand. It is not of any particular character.

A Portrait in Words - behind the cut for full image )



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